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Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia : Sprache und Kultur Indonesiens

Welcome to Indonesian (A beginner‘s Survey of the Language by Stuart Robson)

Gut lesbare Einführung über die indonesische Sprache. Geschichte, Gestalt, Entwicklung, Schreibsystem, Wort- und Satzstruktur, Literatur etc. Indonesia is one of the world's major countries - a fascination archipelago containing more than 15000 islands and home to over 220 million people having diverse cultures, languages and beliefs - and one official language: Bahasa Indonesia. Welcome to Indonesian is not a language learning book but a concise introduction to the main characteristics of the Indonesian language. It is written so as to be accessible to the beginning student as well as to anyone considering learning the language or with a general interest in Indonesian language and culture. Welcome to Indonesian provides the general reader with a demystifying overview of Indonesian from social, historical and linguistic perspectives. ISBN 0-8048-3384-2

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