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Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia : Sprache und Kultur Indonesiens

Instant Indonesian (How to Express 1,000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases!)

Everything You Need to Speak Indonesian in 100 Key Words and Phrases
Are you visiting Indonesia and need a handy and accurate guide for easy communication? If so, this is the phrase book for you. Instant Indonesian allows you to quickly and easily meet people, go shopping, travel, ask for directions, order food and drinks and much more. This excellent and well designed phrase book for travellers is the way to learn simple Indonesian quickly.
Taschenbuch: 144 Seiten Verlag: Tuttle Pub; Auflage: Bilingual (15. Juli 2004) ISBN-10: 0804833710 ISBN-13: 978-0804833714

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