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Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia : Sprache und Kultur Indonesiens

Compact Indonesian Dictionary

Indonesian-English, English-Indonesian, by Katherine Davidsen

Das beste unter den Wörterbüchern in Taschenbuchformat. Hervorragendes Konzept bzgl. der Stammwörter und den zugehörigen Ableitungen. "The Tuttle Compact Indonesian Dictionary" is a totally new Indonesian-English/ English-Indonesian dictionary which provides Indonesian and English speakers with the very latest and most concise definitions for all commonly-used Indonesian words and phrases, including thousands of new Indonesian words and expressions that have been created in the past several years. It constitutes a vast improvement over all existing Indonesian dictionaries and is ideal for serious students, translators, and teachers as well as for use as a general reference dictionary. It features the only new and up-to-date Indonesian dictionary in the market, alternate context-based definitions given for all entries, sample sentences to illustrate meanings and provide guides to current usage, common idioms and expressions for all words.This is the ideal dictionary for intermediate to advanced students and business people. It is the best general reference dictionary available today. Covering over 30,000 words and expressions in a single compact volume, this dictionary provides detailed and in-depth treatment of all the items. It includes a wide variety of new entries and collections, cultural references, and sample sentences to illustrate precisely the meaning of each word. Common colloquial phrases and expressions which are not easily understood are also included in this dictionary. Special attention is given to verb forms, which are marked transitive and intransitive, with examples given as to their correct use. The English-Indonesian section features related words grouped together with their base form, as in the Indonesian-English section. Buch: 978-0804837408

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