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Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia : Sprache und Kultur Indonesiens

A Comprehensive Indonesian-English Dictionary

by Alan M. Stevens and A. Ed Schmidgall-Tellings

Das beste und umfangreichste Wörterbuch. Wer indonesische Originaltexte verstehen möchte, kommt um dieses Wörterbuch nicht herum. This major new dictionary is the most modern and Inclusive Indonesian-English dictionary available. The product of more than twenty years of research and documentation of the Indonesian language and culture, A Comprehensive Indonesian-English Dictionary is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Root words, meanings, proverbs, and idioms, compounds that begin with the root word, and derivatives are given. Thousands of sample sentences from primary sources illustrate meaning and usage; no sentences are invented, ensuring complete authenticity and reliability. Using an array of primary and secondary sources, from the classical language to the most recent slang, Alan M. Stevens has completed the work he and the late A. Ed. Schmidgall-Tellings began two decades ago. Tens of thousands of new entries bring meaning and understanding to changes in technology, culture, politics, and lifestyle. Included as well is the language of government, the law, and banking, with thousands of accounting, tax, and legal terms. Technical terms in all fields, including petroleum, steel, engineering, geology, chemistry, mining, medical, and shipping, make A Comprehensive Indonesian-English Dictionary of international usefulness. Buch: ISBN 978-0821415849

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